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Salon: 20 ways the '90s

December 25, 1999 9:20 AM

Salon: 20 ways the '90s changed TV:
In "My So-Called Life," producers Marshall Herskovitz and Ed Zwick applied the intimate, confessional style of their seminal '80s work, "thirtysomething," to '90s suburban family life. The parents were 40 and unsatisfied, the teenagers were 15 and restless. The emotional fireworks were mesmerizing. Not only was "MSCL" the truest and most resonant portrait of a modern girl's coming of age TV had ever offered, it spawned a whole new genre: the Serious Teen Drama. From the ashes of the prematurely canceled "MSCL," the WB was born.

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Salon: 20 ways the '90s (12.25.1999)

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