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God Changes Everything

March 21, 2002 12:27 PM

God Changes Everything.

I'm not sure where I learned this from, but I like to use the "If I was an alien from outer space, and I had just shown up on earth, what would I think of ... " technique. No baggage, no bias, just pure observation.

I'd probably think that the achilles heel of humanity is their belief in God. It gives moral justification for people to do horrible things to each other.

If I were a sufficiently advanced alien species and I was evil and determined enough to destroy humanity, I wouldn't come down with fancy spacecraft and start blowing stuff up. I'd insert the concept of a Supreme Being into the culture of many different groups of people, each being the one and only Supreme Being. Then I'd tell them all that in order to gain the approval of their one and only Supreme Being they have to glorify their Supreme Being above all those other impostors. In exchange, when they die they will receive amazing riches in the most beautiful and wonderful place they could ever imagine.

Then I'd come back in a couple thousand years. Not only would there be little or no humanity left, but there'd also be a lot of cool technology that they developed in their race to annihilate each other. I could pick through it just like I would at a dot com auction.

In fairness, religion is not to blame for all the evils in the world, and many good things do come out of religious beliefs. Unfortunately, it's usually for the purpose of promoting yet more religion.

What would the world be like if we hadn't created God? Alas, not even Google knows. But I can tell you one thing: It'd be nothing like it is today.

And that might just be a good thing.

Update: A Palestinian suicide bomber just blew himself up in a crowded Jerusalem shopping area. Cease fire talks have been scrapped.

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God Changes Everything (03.21.2002)

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