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Halle's Oscar Night

March 24, 2002 9:47 PM

I decided last week not to write about the Oscars. The right people never win, hell, they rarely even get nominated. Why add to the hype?

Well, that doesn't mean I'm not going to watch! They shut down all of Hollywood for this shindig, so there wasn't anything else to do, I swear!

Why did I lift the self-censorship? To my great surprise, this was the most bearable gathering of surgical enhancements I've yet witnessed.

Maybe it was the lack of a dominating movie that allowed the awards to be spread out amongst a few different nominees.

Or maybe it was Oscar righting the wrong of not even nominating Jennifer Connelly for Requiem for a Dream last year by giving her the statue this year.

Or maybe it was seeing Woody Allen. If there was ever a time he needed to show up in Hollywood, it was tonight.

Or maybe it was the sheer length. The longest in history.

Or maybe it was the new, stunningly gorgeous, Kodak Theatre. The whole night just seemed more regal.

Or maybe it was the costume & art direction Oscars that let Baz Luhrmann get at least a little recognization for his seminal achievement in Moulin Rouge. Despite the best director snub.

Or maybe it was Julia jumping on Denzel.

Or maybe it was Halle Berry's spectacular win. It was her night. And that dress!

I did have a few gripes though. Cirque de... Sorry? Maybe you just had to be there to appreciate the flying yellow fairies. No Oscar loving for Ghost World or Royal Tenenbaums. Gwyneth, please wear a bra! What the hell was Silas doing on stage? And why can't any white people say thanks to Sidney Poitier?

Nope, I'm not gonna mention the moment of silence. Oops.

Apologies for all the positivity. Tonight just felt important.

Blame it on Halle.

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