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Moby is Rad

March 18, 2002 2:24 PM

There was a big spread in the NY Times Magazine this weekend about music.

Things I learned:

- Moby is an introverted loser.
- Beck has an MP3 obsession.
- The Breeders twins fight, a lot. But they still rock.
- Kelley Deal was a drug addict and a programmer.
- Kevin Kelly has an extraordinary ability to make simple things seem complicated. And still be wrong.
- Barry Manilow stands for "emotional, truthful pop music."
- Barry Manilow's favorite albums are by Basement Jaxx and Groove Armada.

Turns out Moby has an online diary. I started reading it, and couldn't stop.

Here's what I learned about Moby:

- He's both a raging geek and a vegan.
- He knows how to make fun of himself, George W, and Los Angeles.
- He has the most intelligent and inspiring insight into the music business I've heard yet.
- He has low self-esteem. At least we know he won't kill anyone.
- He likes Hollywood Nights by Bob Seger. Yes "Bob motherfucking Seger".
- He drops cool Blade Runner references.
- He likes David Lynch and Canada.
- And he's very, very funny.

Moby, you're rad. And your music is great too.

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