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First Cloned Human Pregnancy

April 5, 2002 12:41 PM

Italian embryologist, Dr. Severino Antinori, reportedly claimed to have one woman 8 weeks pregnant with a human clone. Antinori is refusing to confirm the report. If true, this would be the first cloned human pregnancy.

Dr. Rudolf Jaenisch, MIT's cloning expert: "All evidence indicates that most clones die early - the lucky ones - and the rare survivors may have serious abnormalities which may become apparent only later."

The fundamental question: Do I have the right to force my DNA on someone else?

The DNA Copyright Institute popped up last year to, you guessed it, allow people to copyright their DNA. That way, no one can use your DNA without your permission. Very important, particularly if you're someone with valuable DNA. Celebrities, athletes, or even doctors.

A copyright gives the author the rights to "exclusive publication, production, sale or distribution."

Hold on, who's the author of my DNA? Well, my biological parents, of course. Should they be able to copyright my DNA?


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First Cloned Human Pregnancy (04.05.2002)

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