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My First Rave

April 21, 2002 10:41 PM

I went to my first rave last night.

When I say rave, I really mean rave circa 21st century. In the 20th century, raves were still underground and prone to police shutdowns. These days things are more above board. I'm also drawing a distinction between today's mega trance clubs, like Giant and Spundae, which I have been to a few times. So, what is a rave, circa Y2K+2?

  • An all ages event
  • taking place in a warehouse
  • open until the sun comes up
  • where no alcohol is served
  • and the first thing heard inside is, "DOOOD! WANT SOME X-TUH-SEEEEE!?"

I almost left before I even got inside. Waiting in line for 45 minutes watching all the kiddies arrive freaked me out a bit. Some of these kids were still getting their pig tails pulled when I bought my first trance comp.

After spending about an hour scoping the place out, I finally found my home in the happy hardcore and drum & bass rooms.

It was allll good after that:

  • 185 beats per minute.
  • 19 inquiries as to just how tall I am. Really? No. for REAL?
  • 8 raves for my crazy mad dancing.
  • 6 exceedingly sore body parts. 2 legs + 2 feet + 2 ear drums.
  • 5 exclamations to the effect of: "oh my GAWD, you're sooooooo CUTE!"
  • 4 bottles of water.
  • 3 dancing playboy bunnies. It must be the tall thing.
  • 2 inquiries into whether or not I was rolling. If you know what that means, the answer is no. If you don't, well, good.
  • and 1 kiss from the cutest girl east of La Brea.

Finally the sun came up and it was time to walk home. Yup, all this took place a mere 4 blocks from home.

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