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No More Backstreet Boys

April 1, 2002 1:45 PM

j**v3: oh my god!
j**v3: the backstreet boys just broke up on trl
t** h** w**: shut up
j**v3: swear to god
t** h** w**: hahaha
t** h** w**: too much pressure from n'sync?
t** h** w**: tired of playing 2nd fiddle.
j**v3: he almost cried
j**v3: the guy with the black hair
j**v3: i turned it on on a lark, and i witnessed music

j**v3: wow

two minutes later...

t** h** w**: oh no.
t** h** w**: why did they break up.
j**v3: april fools day
j**v3: ;-)
t** h** w**: oh my god.
t** h** w**: you're so crazy.
t** h** w**: and bored. :-)
t** h** w**: hahaha
t** h** w**: freak.
j**v3: hehehe

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No More Backstreet Boys (04.01.2002)

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