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Phenomenon of the Jews

April 8, 2002 1:17 PM

The Phenomenon of the Jews: Seven Keys to the Enduring Wealth of a People.

Key #7: "Be psychologically driven to prove something."

That's the biggest thing for any successful person. The times when I've accomplished something significant, it was always because someone didn't believe I could do it. I can trace this all the way back to elementary school.

So, conceptually, if one is lacking motivation and success is a goal, one should surround himself (or herself) with people who don't think he can do it. As long as someone's confident enough to not give up, that should work.

Unfortunately, this is not particularly healthy or desirable.

If this is what drive's people to success, is success even a good thing? In America, we're so obsessed with success, we forget to question why we're so driven to accomplish things. And maybe we should.

Life is more than money, titles, trophies and magazine articles.

Now if someone could just tell me what the "more" is.

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