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Missed Connections

May 9, 2002 3:52 PM

It has come to my attention that craigslist has a missed connections site for those shared "moments" with that anonymous stranger.

I couldn't believe this site was actually legit. It felt like a scene out of Ghost World. Here's a sample posting so you can judge for yourself:

Our eyes met across a counter in Pavillion's produce section. You then moved over to my side of the aisle, brushed against me, and said, "excuse me," on your way to the cucumber section. Me: tall, blonde/blue man with thick glasses. You: stunning raven-haired goddess with deep voice. While I consider myself to be intelligent and extremely well-educated, I must admit, I can be somewhat aloof when it comes to the advances of beautiful women. Only when I'd entered the checkout line did I notice that you'd slipped some gerbil food into my cart. How in the world did you know about Mr. Pockets and Schnuggums? Are you psychic as well as gorgeous? Please contact me via e-mail. By the way, I am an electrolysis technician and can help you with the fuzz on your upper lip.

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Missed Connections (05.09.2002)

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