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We Are All Made of Stars

May 11, 2002 2:11 PM

I was listening to KIIS FM yesterday. Bet you never thought you'd read that on jimlog! I was in an oddly giddy mood, what can I say?

So after scaring all the drivers in nearby lanes while I grooved to No Doubt and Enrique Iglesias, Moby's We Are All Made of Stars came on.

I've heard mixed things about this song from friends. A few people don't like it. I love the song, probably because it's both innovative musically and has a beautiful universal message of peace and tolerance.

Which is why I got so annoyed with the moron on the radio who made fun of the song when it was over saying something like "So there's Moby singing about how we're all made of stars or something crazy like that."

It's alright to not like the song, but if you don't get the point, well, I pity the fool!

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We Are All Made of Stars (05.11.2002)

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