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I was at Astroburger with

July 20, 2002 4:13 AM

I was at Astroburger with some friends about an hour ago. The place was hopping with the post clubbing crowd. As we were eating, I mentioned that it looked like there was a fight brewing because two women at the table across from us were talking trash about some other women. Nobody else seemed to notice it.

5 minutes later, the fight broke out. It got pretty messy. Food was thrown, hair pulled, drinks thrown, etc. About half way through it seemed to escalate when one of the women threw a metal napkin container at the other. At that point I got a little scared, and even tried to see if there was a way to get out of there. We were pretty much locked in, so I was just going to have to sit tight and hope it didn't escalate any further. It died down about a minute or two later.

When it was over, we were talking about it at the table. I was bragging that I predicted it, of course, and I mentioned that at one point about halfway through I got scared that someone was going to pull a gun out or something. My friend immediately said I was being racist. Huh? I went on to explain my reasoning. It was the flying metal objects that got me concerned, and not the woman's skin color. I wasn't even saying anything derogatory about the people involved, just that I was afraid once the fight started to escalate, that it was really going to escalate. She then proceeded to tell me how white I was in a condescending enough fashion indicating to me that I was supposed to be ashamed of this or something.

The irony is that she was the racist one. I barely got the words out of my mouth and she assumed that my reasoning must be race oriented because one of the women was black. Then she went on to make fun of me because of my skin color. Now that's racist.

This sort of thing really pisses me off. It's as if a white person can't even comment on a situation when there's a non white person involved without being called racist.

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I was at Astroburger with (07.20.2002)

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