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First Amendment Poll

September 3, 2002 5:27 PM

The results of a poll taken during the month of June by the First Amendment Center:

  • 75% think the right to speak freely is "essential."
  • 49% think the First Amendment "goes too far." It was 39% last year, and 25% two years ago.
  • 48% think the government should be allowed to "monitor religious groups in the interest of national security, even if that means infringing upon the religious freedom of the group's members."
  • 46% think the Constitution should be changed to ban flag burning.
  • 43% think newspapers should not be allowed to freely criticize the military during war. It was 31% last year.
  • 42% think the government "should have more authority to monitor Muslims."
  • 40% think professors should NOT be allowed to critize the military during war.
  • 30% think newspapers should NOT be allowed to publish freely.

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First Amendment Poll (09.03.2002)

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