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An Internet Way of Self-Knowledge

October 26, 2002 3:12 PM

Jorn Barger talks about meditation in An Internet Way of Self-Knowledge:

I think real meditation is about detecting self-deception.

We're all trained by capitalism to lie to ourselves every minute of the day, and these lies all share a subjective 'tone' of 'turning-away-from' or 'burying' or not-looking that you can (and must!) learn to recognise. (See especially J Krishnamurti on this.)

Meditation means finding enough quiet in your daily life to sense this running-away directly, because once you see it you can easily get underneath it and past it.

Learning to write well also involves seeing-thru these self-deceptions, and hearing that tone in your written voice when you're running-away from truth... and writing on the Net, where every class of critic is potentially just a click away, helps focus this.

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