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3 Months for Baghdad

March 26, 2003 8:02 AM

It seems the Bush Administration lied to us as to how much resistance there would be in Iraq. Shocker, huh?

Dick Cheney, 3 days before the war started: "I think it will go relatively quickly...Weeks rather than months,"

Bush, 3 days after the war started: "A campaign on harsh terrain in a vast country could be longer and more difficult than some have predicted."

I'm sorry, but the United States government didn't realize that Iraq is "harsh terrain" and a "vast country" 3 days before the war?


Now, 7 days in, as resistance mounts and bodies pile up, some media pundits are openly speculating that it could take 3 months to seize Baghdad.

Tom DeLay, House majority leader: "I remind you that the president said at the very beginning of this that it may take a while for victory,"

More dead bodies, skyrocketing costs, ballooning deficits.

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3 Months for Baghdad (03.26.2003)

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