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The Bridge of Death

March 31, 2003 11:26 PM

Detailed account of the Bridge of Death battle.

Distinguishing between civilians and soldiers is going to be orders of magnitude more difficult in the Baghdad battle than at the Bridge of Death.

A Marine: "I don't even know how many friends I have lost. I don't care if they nuke that bloody city now. From one house they were waving while shooting at us with AKs from the next. It was insane."

This is exactly what happens when people are shooting at you; ideology flies out the window, and you just want the bastards dead. This works on both sides. A long, difficult battle in Baghdad will lead to a frustration that could have terrible consequences. Protecting civilians will be impossible, and Bush will be forced to seriously consider either pulling out or blowing the place up. You guess which one he'll pick.

Hundreds of thousands of people will die.

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The Bridge of Death (03.31.2003)

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