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"Dictatorships start wars"

April 3, 2003 7:25 PM

The Nation on Richard Perle's Corporate Adventures:

Perle is clearly edgy about the attention he has brought to Rumsfeld's board. He bitterly attacked Hersh as a "terrorist" and was visibly upset when a Code Pink activist disrupted his March 25 talk at the American Enterprise Institute, where he, Woolsey and other pre-emptive warriors have found their ideological home.

But Perle quickly recovered: After the woman was escorted out, he declared that the US campaign in Iraq underscores his argument that democracies don't start aggressive wars. "Dictatorships start wars because they need external enemies to exert internal control over their own people," he said.

Add the need to expand markets for arms exporters, corporations and banks, and the Prince of Darkness may finally be on to something.

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"Dictatorships start wars" (04.03.2003)

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