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Gephardt Unveils Healthcare Plan

April 24, 2003 12:12 AM

Gephardt's plan would require every company to provide health insurance to its employees. Companies will receive tax credits equivalent to 60% of the cost on top of the 100% health care cost deduction they currently receive. Self-employed individuals will also get a 60% tax credit. It would cover all but 1.23 million of the 41 million uninsured. The Bush tax cuts would be repealed to pay for all this.

Gephardt's plan differs a bit from Dean's plan since it will continue to rely extensively on employee based coverage. Dean would extend Medicaid to cover people up to age 23 and Medicare for those over 65. Tax credits in the existing employer based system would cover the rest.

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Gephardt Unveils Healthcare Plan (04.24.2003)

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