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Howard Dean as Indie Rock Star

April 15, 2003 9:34 AM

Garance Franke-Ruta in Party People:

Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean is the Democratic Party's indie rock star. He lacks big production values. He's individualistic. He can be sullen and defensive. Sometimes he even dresses strangely. But when he turns it on, lays into one of his riffs and flashes that heart-melting smile, he drives the girls wild. And he makes you feel like you've been waiting your whole life for someone to say what he says, even though you didn't know it.

By comparison, North Carolina Sen. John Edwards is a member of O-Town.

Wednesday night's presidential cattle call sponsored by the Children's Defense Fund made one thing clear: Dean is the candidate creating the framework the others have to respond to. And he is going to give the money men a run for it.

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Howard Dean as Indie Rock Star (04.15.2003)

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