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Iran-Contra and al Qaeda

April 9, 2003 1:45 PM

Bruce Sterling has a fantastic article in Wired linking the concepts behind the Iran-Contra scandal with present day al Qaeda.

The next Iran-Contra is waiting, because the contradictions that created the first have never been resolved. Iran-Contra wasn't about eager American intelligence networks spreading dirty money in distant lands; it was about the gap between old, legitimate, land-based governments ruled by voters and the new, stateless, globalized predation. The next scandal will erupt when someone as molten, self-righteous, and frustrated as John Poindexter uses stateless power for domestic advantage.

That's the breaking point in American politics: not when you call in the plumbers, but when you turn them loose on the opposition party. Then the Empire roils in a lather of sudden, indignant fury and strikes back against its own.

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Iran-Contra and al Qaeda (04.09.2003)

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