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The Occupier's Biggest Headache

April 21, 2003 6:53 PM

As long as the US refuses to let the UN do its thing the Iraqis will view America as occupiers. Doesn't matter how many times Jay Garner says it ain't so.

Tikrit cafe owner: "The people of Tikrit are like the rest of Iraq. They hated Saddam Hussein. I want to kill him. ... This is an occupation. Nothing else. We will keep quiet for a year and if they have not gone we will kill them."

Jonathan Steele: "The gratitude for removing Saddam Hussein on which Washington mistakenly expected to bank for years is almost exhausted. Those who warned the Bush administration against this war have been proved right. Only in the Kurdish areas of the north is there any satisfaction."

The Shia and Sunni are coming together due to their common enemy; the United States. Wouldn't it be incredible if it's Bush and not Saddam that finally causes the Iraqis to rise up and take control of their destiny?

It's a beautiful irony that the Iraqi's new found freedoms have turned into the occupier's biggest headache.

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The Occupier's Biggest Headache (04.21.2003)

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