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Toppling the Regime

April 9, 2003 3:14 PM

It appears Saddam is finished and done with. The Iraqi people are excited about this, as we all are. One less evil dictator. Yay!

But there was a moment today when the American flag hung on the face of Saddam and the crowd was obviously displeased. It was quickly replaced with an old Iraqi flag, to the great delight of those gathered.

That moment crystallizes what is about to happen. Salam is amongst many Iraqis that support democracy, but not at the cost of an American led war. How will Iraq come to terms with an American occupation and ultimately democracy? Its neighbors? How will the Sunni and Shia get along? How will women be treated? Will American interest in rebuilding Iraq wane as it has in Afghanistan? Will the growing ranks of militant Islamic fundamentalists wreak more terror on America?

Today is really just the beginning. If the incompetence that lead up to this war is to be any guide, the rebuilding of Iraq will be excruciating.

You'd need a ginsu to slice through the apprehension in the air.

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Toppling the Regime (04.09.2003)

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