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Dark Skies Ahead

May 15, 2003 7:38 PM

Howard Dean on the Bush administration:

What they play is dirty politics. Imagine putting in a $640 billion tax cut and paying for it by cutting veterans' benefits and children's health care. That's pretty blatant.

There's a level of meanness. There is no compassion in this administration whatsoever. I think there's a level of deception that's pretty significant. Again, calling the "Clear Skies" bill a clean-air bill is an example of that. It's not. They call it "Clear Skies," and it will actually end up allowing significantly more pollution into the air.

That's why I'm running. I think the American people need to hear somebody tell the truth, and they can make their choice. My tactics are different from everybody in the race. [My Democratic opponents] kind of do the traditional Washington things and trim on the margins.

I don't think we can win that way.

Dark Skies Ahead (05.15.2003)

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