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Like nothing I have ever heard

May 29, 2003 12:56 PM

Kate Sullivan was on stage during the White Stripes' MTV Movie Awards performance:

The audience was full of milquetoast aristocracy like Ben Affleck and Mandy Moore. So when the Stripes hit the stage and started playing -sounding as muddy and trebley as any Stooges club gig - we danced with a kind of manic glee, falling on each other and laughing like drunks on a rickety rollercoaster. The audience stared blankly, holding their collective breath as if someone had just farted. Then, the music stopped. For five seconds, the fans stared up at Meg and Jack to see what had happened. (Apparently, Meg had broken a cymbal.) We turned around and got a view of the auditorium, from the highest balcony to the rap stars in the front row - the tanned skin, the lights, the glitz and the money.

And then it hit us.

Our band - whom we had loved in our own little rooms - was being shoved into the maw of the beast. The sanitized citadel had been invaded; the dimensions had collided. And then, all 200 of us let out a spontaneous scream like nothing I have ever heard.

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Like nothing I have ever heard (05.29.2003)

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