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Parents just don't understand

May 30, 2003 10:54 AM

Senator Joseph Biden, a Democrat and possible presidential candidate, attached the RAVE act to the Amber Alert bill that the President signed last month. The RAVE act would make anyone hosting a party where drug use takes place a criminal. This would shut down virtually all big dance clubs since the owners won't be willing to take that responsibility.

The great irony is that many have lamented the death of the underground dance culture, and the RAVE act would likely revive it. During the 90's the parties were underground and didn't serve alcohol. As the dance culture has become more mainstream the parties are now done at legitimate clubs with liquor licenses. At any given club there are less people taking Ecstasy, and more people drinking. There are even corporate sponsors; DJ Tiesto's latest tour was sponsored by Sony. The RAVE act would force all of this back underground leading to a new renaissance in dance culture, probably something Senator Biden doesn't want.

It's frustrating to see the Senator's complete lack of understanding of the issue. It's the same as safe sex. Young people are going to have sex, just like they're going to take Ecstasy. It should be our responsibility as a society to help them do it safely and prevent as many deaths as possible.

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Parents just don't understand (05.30.2003)

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