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Screaming for the Screaming Minority

May 30, 2003 3:42 PM

Matt Bai wrote a rather negative article about Dean in this weekend's New York Times Magazine.

He gets many of the details right, but I disagree with Bai's overall conclusion - that Dean's going to lose. It's quite disingenuous for him to simply quote those that are willing to throw their vote away, when the majority of us believe he will win. It's just so damn early; 80% of America isn't paying any attention. By the time the general election campaigning starts heating up in 14 months, people will have a much better sense of what Dean stands for. Most of his liberal supporters realize he's actually a moderate at heart. They realize his anti-war stance wasn't really anti-war at all, it was simply anti-unilateralist-war. If all they wanted was a liberal, they'd support Kucinich. The fact that the foot soldiers in the Democratic party are so excited about Dean shows just how angry we all are at Bush.

Dean's honest and he's angry, just like we are. Bai tries to paint Dean's positions as being political calculated, but I don't buy it for a second. This is the only candidate whose positions are based on an honest desire to find solutions to the country's problems, and the only one who truly grasps how evil Bush's policies are. Just because he's politically astute and a great leader doesn't mean his policies have to change, in fact just the opposite.

Right now it may seem insane to think Bush will lose, but we're 18 months from the election, and the economy will only get worse. Plus, Dean's got the "screaming minority" on his side, something Gore never had. Don't forget, Gore actually won last time.

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Screaming for the Screaming Minority (05.30.2003)

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