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We've Suffered Long Enough

May 26, 2003 8:04 PM

Matthew Langer is warming up to Howard Dean:

But there's something else contributing to this newfound sense of mine of Dean's promise for the party, something ethereal and intangible that one can sense Dean's got that the other candidates don't. That is the conviction that running against these other candidates is an effort that goes far beyond self-promotion and individual aspirations, the knowledge that beating the incumbent President in 2004 is the most noble cause to which any of these candidates could devote themselves, the firm belief that the Bush presidency has been one of the most tragic events in the history of this nation, and the fear of what damage and destruction would be done to the United States by another four years of George W. Bush.

That's what this party needs in a candidate, and that's what this nation needs to be reminded again and again every one of the 527 days between now and November 2, 2004: that this nation has suffered long enough under George W. Bush, and that we cannot endure four more years.

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