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June 1, 2003 9:08 AM

In today's New York Times, Thomas Friedman quite succinctly outlined why everybody hates us. At the end he asks people to email him with their ideas about what we should do. Here's what I sent him, and I encourage you to send him your own thoughts.

Thank you for standing up and saying what desperately needs to be heard in our country. You've helped a lot of people, myself included, understand these very disturbing times.

What we should do as a country:

Revoke the doctrine of pre-emptive unilateral war. Do our absolute best to help Iraq and Afghanistan rebuild. Give the rest of the world a vote by working with the UN and other international organizations, even though they may not do everything we want. Stop lying.

What I am doing, personally:

I've registered to vote as a Democrat. I'm doing what I can to make this party stand for an America that leads the world with integrity. I'm changing my career from computers to public policy, including going back to college. I'm voting for Howard Dean.

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A Theory of Everything (06.01.2003)

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