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Tripping up Jordan

June 29, 2003 12:23 PM

The Washington Post has an article this morning about the Internet's impact on presidential campaigns. Kerry's team continues to "scoff" at the unconventional nature of Dean's campaign.

What the conventional wisdom continues to miss is that the rules have changed, and the strategy must change to reflect that. McCain-Feingold forces campaigns to get a larger number of smaller contributions. Add to that the Bush money machine, the Internet, and the fanatical desire to oust Bush. You simply can't win this campaign relying on television and black tie fundraising events.

Jim Jordan, Kerry's campaign manager:

The Dean campaign must be commended for their creativity. But you do have to build up infrastructure down the road, and to do that you do have to spend money to hire staff in the states and to be seen in TV. ... And it has to be done in those early days, way before first ballot is cast in New Hampshire.

Joe Trippi, Dean's campaign manager:

Our theory is that we are experiencing the "perfect storm of democracy" today for this to work. It's the confluence of the right candidate, the growth of the Internet and our willingness to give up control and allow people to organize themselves. ... It's a bottom-up approach -- the way this country was built.

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Tripping up Jordan (06.29.2003)

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What is Jim Jordan smoking? Who was the first candidate to go on tv in Iowa? Umm... Howard Dean! Who has people on the ground, working, in every single state plus the District of Columbia? Howard Dean! (No, they're not all paid staffers, but enthusiastic volunteers certainly help to keep expenses down!)

Before Dean's campaign, I had given two small contributions to two different candidates in 2000. Now, I've donated time, money (10x what I gave in 2000 to Dean alone), and space on my website. This is really something extraordinary happening here. Time for some UNconventional wisdom, I think.

Sun Jun 29 2003 2:06 PM


I've never cared about primary politics before, but the past few years have been like a bad dream - and I'm ready to wake up. Democrats have been getting angrier for the past two years, and we're ready to stand up. Dean's a phenomenon, and I honestly believe that he can take down Dubya. We could score a landslide.

Mon Jun 30 2003 4:41 AM


[jim's note: censored due to unnecessary racist content]

Sat Jul 26 2003 2:17 AM


I must say that Dean supporters have great capability on the internet, for they rush to John Kerry's blog to oppose him as soon as it opens. Howard Dean has a large support base, but it is very important to analyze his supporters. Dean appeals to a homogenous group of liberals upset with the Democratic party--men support Dean over women two to one. Winning the vote of women, single women in particular, is crucial in the general election against Bush. Governor Dean has not proven that he can expand the spectrum of his support. Until he does that, now matter how many events Dean supporters attend, no matter how many letters are written and blogs flooded, he will not have a chance in the general election.

Oh, and to you "liberals that are fed-up with the Democratic party" and those of you who "want Democrats to be Democrats," Howard Dean isn't the man you think he is. He is an ally of big business, holds a top rating by the National Rifle Association, and worked against many Democrats while Governor of Vermont. Whom are you supporting? Sixty-six percent of Americans believe the war in Iraq was a just cause--they will not vote for Howard Dean. How about a candidate that can win, a man that can think on his feet, a war hero, and genuinely good human being. That's John Kerry. Do Dean supporters know what they are supporting?

Fri Aug 8 2003 10:16 PM


I read in the Washington Post the comments of Mr. Jordan about Howard Dean: He’s yelled the loudest [and] pounded the podium the hardest, and there’s a certain market for that style,” said Jim Jordan, manager of Sen. John F. Kerry’s presidential campaign. “He’s going to have to convince [voters] that he has the strength, the experience, the preparation, the temperament and the judgment that’s required. . . . Ultimately, that’s where he’s going to come up short.”
I guess that Mr. Jordan doesn't know a Vermont Yankee very well. Howard Dean is a good man. He was a wonderful physician before he entered the political field. I am a Vermonter and know this. But he has a dream to do something more substantial to help people of this Country, and he got involved in Vermont politics. He is a born leader. He is not a 'party man' like the U. S. Senate candidates - including Liberman, Kerry, and Edwards, who think they have some kind of a hold on the Democratic party base. I worked hard for Al Gore in 2000.... but I saw that many of the main-stream Democrats at the time were not happy with Gore and did not work very hard. That is what will happen if either Kerry, Liberman or Edwards win the nomination...... Howard Dean can win and win big. He is not afraid of tackling "W" on the issues and making him squirm to find ways to answer the legitimate criticisms Dean will throw his way. Karl Rove and Company have no idea how strong Dean is becoming among main-stream America. It will take a Dean to tell people what is wrong with the policies and actions the "W" folks have thrown at the American people.... The three Senators cannot do this, because most of them voted on "W"'s plans. We Democrats are sick and tired of the same ole- same ole from Democratic Senators and Congressmen.... We are sick and tired of the "Demo-Repo-crats.... who are parrots of administration rhethoric and afraid to stand up for what they should be standing up for. I am a hard-working Democrat who has been involved with many campaigns.... I am for Howard Dean, and I am not going to change my mind because of the fear tactics of the other "centrist" (as they call themselves) Democrats...

Tue Aug 26 2003 11:37 AM

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