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Dear Mr. Cheney

July 25, 2003 9:49 AM

Yesterday you made made this statement referring to al-Qaeda:

This enemy holds no territory, defends no population, is unconstrained by rules of warfare, and respects no law of morality. Such an enemy cannot be deterred, contained, appeased, or negotiated with. It can only be destroyed, and that's the business at hand.

I'm sorry, but it can't be destroyed either, Mr. Cheney. You're still living in the 20th century, where you could identify who the enemy was, and know when you defeated them. This war of yours is against an unknown enemy with no clear exit strategy, something your boss vowed never to do.

Oh wait, maybe that's why you invaded Iraq! Riiight, now it makes sense. You can't destroy the real enemy, so you find the biggest baddest meanie who is actually responsible for some land, then invade that. Perfect! You get rid of a bad guy, just not the bad guys. Or maybe just his kids, whatever. At least you're winning the war, right!

But you're not stupid, you knew the American people would see through that little plan, so you started telling everyone that Iraq and al-Qaeda were buddies! Partners in crime seeking to murder our children. Who cares if it isn't true! Nevermind that they hate each other's guts. Americans are smart, but not that smart!

Now there's a problem though. You can't find anything showing that Iraq was actually a threat to America or consorting with al-Qaeda. People are starting to ask questions. Uncomfortable questions. No, downright Un-American questions. People are starting to come forward saying they told you the "proof" about Iraq's threat was bogus. Shit! What if more people come forward? What to do? What to do?

Threaten their families! Destroy their careers, and compromise their safety! Sure, it's not legal, and possibly even treason, but no worries, you've broken the law before, it ain't no thang.

Just be careful, ya know? Sometimes these things can get a little dicey. You know how Americans love stories about scandal and corruption.

And boy, is this one a doozy or what?

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Paul in OC:

CBS News has a column regarding Bush's Nixonian tendencies.

Fri Jul 25 2003 1:55 PM

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