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Desperately Seeking: 1 Smoking Gun

July 23, 2003 10:49 PM

David Kay is the former UNSCOM weapons inspector that Bush brought in last month to help find WMD in Iraq. In his January Washington Post editorial he talked about how it's nearly impossible to find a smoking gun, and that the only way inspections can work is if the goal is verifying voluntary disarmament. During the 90's only two smoking guns were ever found. One of which the Iraqis came clean on, and the other, a major nuclear weapons facility nearly impossible to hide.

In September 2002 He gave testimony to the House Armed Services Committee to this effect as well, and it became the administration's stated position: Iraq must voluntarily prove its disarmament.

But there's more here than meets the eye. Check out Kay's editorial:

Inspections were not supposed to begin until 15 days after the declaration was due, in other words on Dec. 21. Instead, and this has gone almost completely unremarked, Blix and ElBaradei began the inspections on Nov. 27, 11 days before Iraq was to submit its declaration. So much for President Bush's injunction that the inspectors were there to confirm Iraq's voluntary disarmament. Thus the hunt for the smoking gun was on. The United States did not object to this change of strategy. In fact, it urged Blix and ElBaradei to make their search more effective, use their full powers and find the smoking gun.

Bush encouraged the search for the smoking gun knowing it would fail! No smoking gun materialized, and Bush got his war on.

Of course now Bush desperately needs to find the smoking gun. So who does he call? David Kay!

Ah, irony, indeed.

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