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Like sheep to slaughter

July 9, 2003 12:34 PM

Arianna Huffington likens the recall to an angry electorate rising up against corruption:

So, however corrupt the parentage of the recall, it offers Californians a golden opportunity to send a historic message: that it's time to reorder our policy priorities and get back to serving the people. It can also be used as a cudgel with which to attack the Bush administration -- hammering home how its tax cuts uber alles economic policies, to say nothing of its way-too-cozy relationship with crooked energy companies like Enron, have led California to the brink of financial disaster.

Arianna's a smart woman, but she really misses the story on this one. The recall drive is the very epitome of entrenched political corruption. A rich, Republican Congressman is buying himself an election for a million bucks in the hopes that the unusual nature of a recall election will allow the Republicans to win the governorship, something they were unable to do 8 months ago.

There is no primary in the recall election, so multiple Democrats and multiple Republicans could be on the ballot. All it takes is $3500 and 65 signatures. Someone like Darrell Issa could win with 20-30% of the vote.

Here's what Issa wants to do:

  • Repeal the assault weapons ban, the Brady bill, and gun background checks.
  • Support prayer in schools and vouchers.
  • Ban abortion.
  • Drill for oil off the coast of California.

He compared Bill Clinton to Adolph Hitler, and is known for his gay-bashing antics. He considers himself to the right of Newt Gingrich and Trent Lott. He even drove 90mph through a construction zone and had the audacity to tell the cop he was a congressman in his own congressional district and could speed if he wanted to. His factory burned down in a highly suspicious fire; his insurance company refused to pay for it.

The people of California are being taken for a ride, just like the crooked energy companies did a few years ago. The pigs at the trough are leading the sheep to slaughter.

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