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Republicans for Dean

July 3, 2003 3:37 AM

Ahhh, Republicans. They're arrogant, obnoxious, clueless, and boy do they like Howard Dean.

RealClear Politics in Helping the Dems Commit Suicide:

If Republicans want to make sure President Bush is reelected next year the best thing they can do is to get online and contribute $20 - to Howard Dean's campaign. You think I'm joking?

If you're a conservative, you're probably saving up some money to donate to the president's re-election campaign. Might I suggest donating it to Dean instead? Republican candidates, especially the president, will raise large quantities of money anyway. To them your donation will be barely a blip on the screen. The Democrats are having a much tougher time raising money. Even a small contribution to Dean will help propel his campaign along.

It's not the Democrats that are ga-ga for Dean. It's the Independents. The evidence is in the New Hampshire polling data. Amongst Independents, Dean leads Kerry 26% to 15%, but among Democrats, Kerry leads Dean 31% to 16%. Democrats are getting behind Dean, but it's because he's resonating with those ticked off at the party for not standing up to Bush.

6 months before the first primary, Dean is tapping a base of support that transcends party boundaries. Even Republicans are coming to Dean events, and switching to Democrats so they can vote for him in the primary. Maybe it's all part of this grand Republican scheme, but I doubt it.

I saw that look in their eye.

Which means the hardest part for Dean will be winning the nomination - the general election is easy. So let's see that Republican money. Hell, just give us your tax cut. We're giving ours, but it's not all that much. I hear you got a lot more. Remember, there is a $2,000 cap.

To quote our President: "Bring them on!"

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"Which means the hardest part for Dean will be winning the nomination - the general election is easy."

I disagree. Dean will win the primary. The hard part will be competing against Bush's estimated quarter billion dollar warchest. It is definitely possible to buy the Presidency, although it's not necessarily an easy thing to do.

Of course, my confidence about the primary isn't stopping me from continuing to work on the campaign. The stronger Dean emerges from the primary, the better he'll be able to match up with Bush.

Thu Jul 3 2003 1:13 PM


It's important that we don't get complacent. Dean needs to beat the beltway bunch by an even greater margin next time.

Thu Jul 3 2003 1:24 PM

Jim Gilliam:

I'm certainly exaggerating when I say the general election will be easy. No election is easy, especially when opposing the Republican machine.

The expected Bush warchest has to be spent before the general election, because he intends to accept federal matching funds once he receives the nomination in early September. Both nominees will get the same amount after they are nominated, leveling the money game.

The great hope is that the Bush team will WANT to run against Dean, and will spend the warchest during the primary season trashing Dean's competitors. Talk about a perfect storm!

Thu Jul 3 2003 2:02 PM

Jim Gilliam:

Jerome Armstrong has an interesting point:

If you can believe that Karl Rove sees the netroots and grassroots activism that's happening in the Democratic Party for Howard Dean, and fathom him in thinking it's a great thing for Bush, he's fooled you again. What Rove is really doing is giving the DLC candidates and the media some fodder to try and take down Dean with, because Rove knows Dean is the strongest Democrat in the field -- which is why he's saying the exact opposite.

Sat Jul 5 2003 1:36 AM


As a Republican, I'm 100% behind the Dean campaign! So is our Republican master mind Karl Rove. Check it out.

Mon Jul 7 2003 10:28 AM


Rove is THE spinmaster. If you hear Rove say that Dean is the man he wants Bush to face, then you'd better believe that Dean has got 'em shakin' in their little cowboy boots.
Many of my Republican friends have switched camps in favor of Dean because they are truly embarrassed of Bush and his record. Can you say, "Regime change"?

Sat Jul 19 2003 6:11 AM


Ok, Yeah sure Dean can beat Bush...what are you people on crack? I live in Vermont and Howard Dean is the George McGovern of 2004. If he is the nominee, as Vermont votes so votes Mass...and that's it. Can you say Republican landslide?

Sun Aug 3 2003 9:07 AM

Peggy Lipscomb:

I live in Vermont, too, and I disagree. I think Dean will pull enough people out of the woodwork who have given up on voting (or never voted in their lives) to tip the balance. They are donating $$$ now, coming to meetings, reading websites. They are old and young, and most of them are deeply ashamed and alarmed over the Bush administration. When they speak in meetings, their voices tremble. I think the wave will grow...

Thu Aug 7 2003 6:49 AM


How many of you Vermonters are aware that Dr Dean was born and raised in New York. We consider Dr Dean OUR CANDIDATE TOO. If you consider how popular Dean is in New York, not to mention the 'MEDIA FAVORITE', You then have a way larger voting base than just Vermont. Believe me when I tell you all that us New Yorkers consider him our candidate.

Thu Sep 25 2003 2:07 PM


That's just what the Republican party needs, a big old Northeastern Yankee Democrat to turn all the southern democrats off. The southern democrats may not vote for Bush, but may just stay home and not vote at all. In the last half of the century the only democrats to be elected president have been from south of the Mason-Dixon line, given the importance of the old south's electorial votes, I don't see it changing with Dean - especially against a southern Republican canidate. Trust me, saying he's from New York isn't going to help his standing down South either.

Fri Sep 26 2003 6:21 AM

Lord Edgar of Stratford:

Dean is unelectable. Not only will he get less states than Gore in the south, but he doesn't have the Gore appeal in the center and north. A Dean nomination means almost certain 4 more years for Bush.

Tue Dec 9 2003 10:28 AM


If Wesley Clark would come together and run with Dean - wouldn't that tip the balance!

What a team! I hope they can leave their egos at the door because I don't care which one runs for Pres or Vice. They should just run together!

Fri Jan 9 2004 11:51 AM

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