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Arianna's plan

August 8, 2003 11:12 AM

Unlike Arnold, Arianna actually has a plan:

If elected, I will put before the Legislature a plan to put an end to special interest tax breaks and raise revenues by fairly assessing property taxes on commercial holdings.

I will also introduce a motion to roll back state university and community college tuition increases to an affordable level -- and pay for it by cutting our bloated prisons budget.

I will put an end to the scandalous practice of undercounting high school dropouts, set a goal of cutting the current dropout rate in half, and facilitate the creation of more charter public schools.

I will make the development of renewable energy sources a state priority, and work to reverse the disastrous decline in California's air quality.

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Arianna's plan (08.08.2003)

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Paul in OC:

Sounds good to me, but I think the disastrous decline in air quality is a bit of an exaggeration. I think the air quality is quite good, considering the population and number of cars on the highways.

I like Arianna, though. She'd be an interesting Governor.

Fri Aug 8 2003 4:08 PM

Jim Gilliam:

The Center for Health Policy Research did a survey in 2001 indicating that 11.9% of Californians - 3.9 million people - suffer from asthma. The national average is 10.1%. It's particularly bad for children living in rural areas. Nationwide, children's asthma has increased by 5% a year since 1980, while death rates have increased 71% for blacks and 41% for whites.

If there's one thing the government should take a very active role in, it's the stuff everyone has to share. The air we breathe is the most basic element of how we stay alive. Freedom ends when one person's freedom infringes on another's.

Pollution on the Indian subcontinent is responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of people each year. Let's not let California get to that point.

Why should my life be cut short because some jerk wants to drive a hummer?

Fri Aug 8 2003 10:00 PM

Paul in OC:

I agree in principle. Air quality is extremely important.

However, I think air quality has actually improved in Los Angeles over the last 25 years. Just my impression.

Orange County has, of course, gotten much worse due to tremendous urbanization.

I look forward to hybrids and alternative fuel vehicles enabling us to breathe freely and see the stars at night. Quality of life is more than how many dollars get deposited to your checking account every other week. Republicans, who seem to worship money, don't seem to get this. I guess they don't garden or enjoy pastimes, because all they're concerned about is how much money they make. Very short term thinkers, if you ask me.

Sun Aug 10 2003 1:03 AM

Paul in OC:

"If there's one thing the government should take a very active role in, it's the stuff everyone has to share."

I agree 1000% with you on this. It's very strange that some people don't understand this.

Sun Aug 10 2003 1:06 AM


The asthma issue has a lot more to do with smoking in the home and childhood obesity then any government actions on air pollution. I do agree that the government can further the cause of alternative fuel/power through tax credits and tax breaks. Anything that can stop the hermorrhage of money to foreign nations for crude oil would be a huge step for the US economy.

Mon Aug 11 2003 8:03 AM

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