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Baseline Recall Election Poll

August 9, 2003 8:46 PM

Yesterday's Time/CNN Poll:

Should Gray Davis be recalled from office?

  • 54% YES
  • 35% NO

If recalled, who should replace him?

  • 25% Schwarzeneggar
  • 15% Bustamante
  • 8% McClintock
  • 23% Undecided

If Feinstein was running, who should replace him?

  • 22% Feinstein
  • 20% Schwarzeneggar

Is Schwarzeneggar qualified to be governor?

  • 45% YES
  • 39% NO
  • 15% Undecided

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Baseline Recall Election Poll (08.09.2003)

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Paul in OC:

How can 45% of Californians think that Schwarzenegger is qualified to be Governor? Exactly how does being a movie star qualify one to be Governor of the most populous state in the union?

Anyway, it's all a moot point. Schwarzenegger won't be our next Governor. He'll be ripped to shreds within the next two weeks. The L.A. Times has already started laying into him for not being able to answer policy questions which were put to him. Once the media smells blood, they'll descend upon Schwarzenegger in a great feeding frenzy.

On second thought, there's an outside chance that Arnold can still make it into the Governor's mansion. The problem is that Huffington is more likely to draw voters from Bustamente than from Schwarzenegger. California Republicans will vote for anything which breathes and is affiliated with their party.

Huffington is very appealing to progressives, and Bustamante, who is the Democrat's choice to replace Davis, is similarly unappealing to many of us. They could very well split the progressive vote. Will Huffington be the Ralph Nader of the recall election? I'm certainly more inclined to vote for her than for Bustamante.

Of course, Davis may not be recalled in any case. His chances look slim, but he hasn't even begun to spend his unholy hoard of cash, and Issa is already out of the race. One would think it would be easy for Davis to discredit the recall and Schwarzenegger at the same time.

I give up. It's too much of a mess to call at this point. I think Schwarzenegger will recede, but the inherent anti-Democratic nature of the vote, which doesn't have instant runoff and allows a minority candidate to become Governor, allows for some pretty peculiar scenarios.

Sun Aug 10 2003 12:53 AM


Please explain "anti-Democrat nature of the vote". The people vote and the votes are counted, what's so anti democratic about that? If anything Davis may retain office because the California voters won't be able to fugure out the ballot (remember these are the same people that voted him in).

For all Huffington's TALK about closing tax loop holes for "fat cat corporate types" she hasn't pay a dime in state taxes the last two years! Seems like a few other canidates are going to face the feeding frenzy with Arnie.

Thu Aug 14 2003 2:15 PM

Daniel White:

This comment is directed at Paul in OC. Ask yourself how can a successful real estate developer/investor I dare say baron be your governor? You do know whom Arnold Schwarzenegger is married to and the pollitical history in that family? In case you dont it's Maria Shriver TV news reporter, member of the prominent Kennedy family (She's the daughter of Eunice Kennedy and Sargent Shriver, the niece of president John Kennedy and the granddaughter of Joseph Kennedy).

Arnold is not just a movie actor!!!!!!!

Tue Aug 26 2003 8:28 AM


Daniel White:

Don't confuse the issue with a bunch of facts!

Fog Davis is the only governor in the US with first hand experience in dealing with a 30+ BILLION dollar deficit, therefore he is the most qualified canidate. The fact that he help create that deficit should not be held against him according to his campaign manager.

Tue Aug 26 2003 1:46 PM

Darren St.Regis:

I am against the recall...oh let's just call it what it is, a circus! There are already other states considering recalling governors and several considering recalling mayors. Do we really want to set this kind of trend? Is this the way to solve everything? Recall those "responsible"? I think not.

Sun Sep 28 2003 7:54 AM

Joel Burton:

I think that politicians should be accountable for their actions. Perhaps noone else believes this.

Davis (the incumbent) ran on a platform of spending (example: education). Two weeks after the election, surprise, a ridiculous deficit was announced. Clearly this existed all along, unless the $38B deficit developed in a few weeks.

Recalls are democratic. 4 year kingdoms are not. In my opinion, California is a very liberal experiment and the bill has just arrived. It's more than we all want to pay (at least those of us who actually pay bills).

Thu Oct 2 2003 12:04 PM

John InLA:

Vote McClintock! Don't be fooled by these liberals, even Arnold (although better than Cruz, he's got a whacky cabinet and isn't as qualified at Tom M.

Tue Oct 7 2003 1:06 AM


I DONT THINK dAVIS SHOULD BE RECALLED. iF DEFICITS ARE A GOOD REASON FOR A RECALL, THEN WHY DONT WE CALL FOR A RECALL OF BUSHWHACKER bUSH?? Our cuntry is in a much worse condition. As for Arnold,Iwould much rather see Arnold Coleman as Govenor, He would do a better job! A woman molester for Govenor/ NO NO NO1

Tue Oct 7 2003 10:48 AM


....the Los Angeles Times printed a story in which six women -- four who refused to be named -- accused Schwarzenegger of groping them between 1975 and 2000, often in front of witnesses. After seven weeks' investigation, the paper had managed to talk to only one eyewitness -- for the most recent accusation - and she refuted the allegation.

Nice balanced journalism they have at the LA Times. Maybe a nice big 100 million dollar slander lawsuit might make then think twice about publishing unsubstantuated (or refuted) stories for the sake of canidates that are circling the bowl on their way down the toilet.

Thu Oct 9 2003 11:54 AM

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