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Billionaires Against Bush

August 7, 2003 11:30 PM

A coalition of philanthropists and labor unions, led by billionaire George Soros has committed to spending $75 million in a massive get-out-the-vote effort in 17 key states to oust Bush in 2004.

I don't think the right wing has fully grasped just how motivated we are to eradicate the Bush virus from Washington.

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Billionaires Against Bush (08.07.2003)

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Why doesn't someone take it upon themselves to investiage Bush "alleged" AWOL status in 1972.
Would cost a few million but talking with and getting people that actually knew what he was doing then would be priceless and possibly cost him the election.
Apparent he is lying as he does not bring out anyone who was in the service with him. If he was lying and not on duty, then he was AWOL and received government pay illegally. What is that called??

Think about it, lets find out the truth. Someone out there knew him at that time and will testify that they did and what W did.

Tue Feb 10 2004 1:04 PM


Why doesn't someone..speak of his cocaine days....I know he's a reborn ...whatever...

Fri Apr 16 2004 11:39 AM


That's a lot of hogwash and wingnut lies to throw mud on Bush. Fox said that no reporter of theirs dug up such a story and I believe them.

But Fox did later prove that there was no Richard Mellon Scaife and no one had anything to do with any so-called scheme to send George W. on some hair-brained secret mission to Saudi Arabia during his so-called AWOL period.

J. Bailley

Mon Aug 9 2004 9:43 AM

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