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Can You Say Frontrunner?

August 3, 2003 11:22 AM

The Dean Factor: He's got money, momentum, excitement. But is that enough to take him to the top?

The Cool Passion of Dr. Dean: The ex-Vermont Governor is a Park Avenue rebel and an unlikely spokesman for the anti-Bush Left

The Left's Mr. Right? IN YOUR FACE: His willingness to go after Bush on Iraq thrilled long-suffering liberals. And his unexpected success at fund-raising gave him crucial momentum. But is Howard Dean the Democrats’ path back to power—or a recipe for another 49-state defeat?

'They'll Say Anything' Dean whacks the Bush White House, scolds his Democratic opponents and talks bluntly about deficits, taxes and gays.

The Doctor in His Life: For a possible future First Lady, Dr. Judith Steinberg has a novel approach to politics. She simply won’t be bothered.

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Can You Say Frontrunner? (08.03.2003)

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Paul in OC:

Businessweek has a nice 2-page spread as well.

There's an article ("Who's the Real Howard Dean?") and a sidebar (Q & A with Dean).

The main article was excellent, because it pointed out Dean's strong ties to business, while he was Governor of Vermont. What more could you ask for in a Businessweek article?

Mon Aug 4 2003 2:38 PM

Paul in OC:

Neat soundbites from the Businessweek Q & A:

"So while there may be some short-term improvement, I think this President has put the entire economic future of America in enormous jeopardy with his supply-side nonsense."

"But right now the President's tax cuts are so irresponsible and so foolish that I would repeal all of them."

"I'm not going to bail out politicians who promised their voters things that weren't true." (referring to irresponsible tax cuts on the state level)

"We are addicted to foreign oil, and he refuses to confront the Saudis about their role in promoting terrorism. This is a President who doesn't have a clue."

Mon Aug 4 2003 2:44 PM


All of these issues... it just makes you wonder if Bush is waiting to answer all of America's questions concerning terrorism, the Saudis, etc... right around election time... Maybe it'll be more convenient for him to tell us. What if he is holding back on information?

Tue Aug 5 2003 12:27 PM

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