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First Recall Debate at 4PM PT

September 3, 2003 12:37 PM

Of course the big news is who won't be there, but without Arnold sucking up all the attention, this will be a great opportunity for Arianna to shine. She was the president of the Cambridge Debate Club, so expect a stellar performance compared to, say, McClintock.

It airs live on CSPAN, KTLA, and various other local stations throughout the state.

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First Recall Debate at 4PM PT (09.03.2003)

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Best part of the debate was before it even started. Davis speaking of what a great "awakening" the recall was. Apparently the budget deficient and energy crisis where events he had no problem sleeping through, but threaten his job and he is all fired up.

Thu Sep 4 2003 6:04 AM

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