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History will remember us

September 11, 2003 8:36 AM

The beautiful power of emergence takes hold:

Is Dean attracting too many people who hang out on the Web all day - wealthy, Internet-savvy, mostly white people, including a healthy dose of "the tongue-studded next generation," as the New York Times put it recently - while failing to win over more traditional Democratic constituencies?

Some Dean supporters are starting to think that's the case. But what's remarkable about Dean's grass-roots organizers is that many already seem to realize that it's time to do something about minority outreach; the connected hive of Dean supporters, held together by blogs and hundreds of Yahoo groups, is, in a sense, self-aware, and capable of reacting to the shifting winds of a political campaign.

It brings tears of joy to my eyes. We will humiliate the neocons, and not because any one of us is so brilliant, but because not even Karl Rove can outfox the hive mind.

A bloodless coup for the history books that will be nothing short of a second American revolution.

On this, the second anniversary of America's wake up call, stay focused on positive action for change. Don't let fear's grip blind you to the erosion of our values: truth, freedom and equality.

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History will remember us (09.11.2003)

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I was attracted to Dean through the blogs. It's really neat how he's gaining support this way. I really like how he wants to remain neutral in the mid-east. All the other candidates, including bush, want to continue using the same approach to foreign policy that we've used for the past 50 years in regards to the mid-east. Sorry, fellas, it's broke. Today should be a reminder of this failure.

Thu Sep 11 2003 10:48 AM


George Will sums up my thoughts of the Dean presidential bid.

"Dean has been the Democrats' flavor of the month for many months. Initially he got abundant media coverage, the theme of which was how difficult it was for a small-state former governor, supposedly the political equivalent of a country church mouse, to get coverage. Now he gets abundant coverage partly because he says so many overripe things, such as this: ``John Ashcroft is a descendant of Joseph McCarthy.'' That is distilled Deanism: It couples two of the Democratic left's fright figures in one sentence that, considered calmly, as the Democratic left is unlikely to do, is not so much false as unintelligible.

Lieberman's wager is that he can finish no higher than third in Iowa and New Hampshire and still be nominated. He says ``my opportunity'' is the cluster of seven events the week after New Hampshire. His task is to be the -- definite article, the -- alternative. That means being the last man, besides Dean, standing after Iowa and New Hampshire.

If Dean wins neither place, he is done, and neither Gephardt nor Kerry, having probably won one each (Iowa and New Hampshire respectively), is invincible. If Dean wins both -- arguably the ideal outcome for Lieberman -- Gephardt and Kerry are done. Then Lieberman can hope to prevail with the less liberal electorates in Delaware, Oklahoma, Arizona, Missouri, North Dakota, New Mexico and especially South Carolina, where perhaps 40 percent of primary participants will be African-Americans.

Dean fancies himself a bold risk-taker as he tells Democratic activists exactly what they want to hear. It is, sad to say, really risky in today's Democratic Party, which is tethered to teachers unions, for Lieberman to say that he will soon vote for legislation to establish an experimental voucher program for the poor children caught in the District of Columbia's disastrous schools"

If democrats want the Whitehouse they have to put forth a canidate that can do more repeat 60's era peace slogans and excite the far left wing of the party.

Thu Sep 11 2003 11:29 AM

Paul in OC:

"not even Karl Rove can outfox the hive mind" - ROTFLMAO!!!

Thu Sep 11 2003 1:17 PM


All the other Democratic candidates say exactly the same thing. They play the center worse than Shaq guards a basket. Dean is the only one who stands out. It's interesting how fervently the right has been playing Dean off as irrelevant. Seen any polls lately? I would hardly call him that. Sounds to me like the right has something to be scared of, along with the center smoking democrats.

Thu Sep 11 2003 1:20 PM


If I where only interested in keeping the Whitehouse in republican hands I would love the idea of Dean running against Bush. It would be the biggest landslide since Reagan -vs- "Whats His Name?". Dean appeals to the far left who would vote anyone running under the democratic mantel, who do you think elected Davis in Kalifornia? The middle of the road democrats (the now famous soccer moms) don't see the appeal and are turned off by the staged anger (What's a rich upper class white guy so pissed off about anyway?).

The domestic front as been ignored by Bush while both sides of isle in congress feeds at the trough bloating the government to unimagined size. He remains vulnerable and rightfully so, but not to Dean, or Kerry.

Thu Sep 11 2003 1:49 PM

Paul in OC:

Republicans for Dean

Dean Independents

Republicans Against Bush

Thu Sep 11 2003 3:28 PM

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