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It sucks being a savior

September 3, 2003 1:01 PM

Joy-Ann Reid writes about the Democratic party's lack of respect for young activists:

The surge in participation by the creative, motivated, gutsy freight train that is the Dean campaign is nothing short of a watershed for the DNC. The Dean faithful (along with the movement to draft Gen. Wesley Clark and the voter-rights push repped by Al Sharpton and the Hip Hop Summit Action Network) are the kind of grass-roots that groundswell political parties usually only dream of.

So how is the Democratic Party responding to the fresh ideas, fresh enthusiasm and fresh money coming into the process? By scorning them -- and by fearing, rather than cultivating, them.

Talk about being in the political wilderness.

Of course, the Jews scorned their savior as well, and they're doing just fine.

Speaking of which, Mel Gibson's movie about Jesus's crucifixion is creating quite an uproar. Let me be the first to predict: The Passion will win Best Picture.

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Your wrong about Mel Gibson's movie. NO WAY is Hollyweird going to embrace a movie deemed pro Catholic and anti Jew (doesn't matter what it is actually about its for appearances sake). If anything Gibson may very well be blacklisted and on his way to early retirement.

Thu Sep 4 2003 6:15 AM

Jim Gilliam:

Here's a good backgrounder on the controversy.

His real target seems to be the Catholic Church, and more specifically, Vatican II. I'm certainly not an expert on Catholicism, but I, like Bush, am not particularly fond of revisionist historians. The Jewish establishment was threatened by Jesus. Deal with it, and move on. It's only been a couple thousand years.

Thu Sep 4 2003 9:20 AM


I have been a practicing Catholic my entire life, but by no means does that make me an "expert" either, but here is "my" take. There are several differant splinter groups that refused to recognize Vatican II that continue to be referred to as "Catholic". Kind of like being "Lutheran" and someone calling you "Catholic", makes no sense and reveals a certain level of ignorance. These sects in reality have developed into small indepedent churches in their own right and are called "extreme" for simply rejecting the "modernization". The belief that the holocaust did not occur is extreme and not representive of any "Catholic" teaching before or after Vatican II and also reveals a high level of ignorance.

As for the movie, read the book first and you will know how the story ends. All the controversy is elevating an otherwise minor production.

Thu Sep 4 2003 9:52 AM


Hello, not in agreement with you about Mel the Hell's passion disaster movie. I won't watch trash and this seems the perfect trash movie. He's an ugly creep anyway so - bye bye Mel! for good!!

Sun Feb 29 2004 5:06 AM


Mel Gibson's movie in less than a week, has made over $125 million...that's the official box office report. I don't think Hollywood would - the academy awards etc - would name his movie best picture of the year, although he isn't going to be black listed either. He's going to be a hero for such an incredible risk-taking and SUCCESSFUL move in the hollywood industry, but his movie, PASSION, will probably be snubbed at the awards. I don't think this was a man who was trying to "shock" or "offend" people, but just wanted to contribute...demonstrate his appreciation for Christ - and share with the world how much Christ has sacrificed, and how forgiving God is. He's not saying something that hasn't already been stated, he is just following what the Christian Bible says about the history of Christ. He is a devoted Roman Catholic, he does not use the movie to make some sort of hateful statement about anyone (i guess particulary jews) but he uses it, by focusing on how much he is religiously devoted to the Catholic church, and his appreciation, for - his believed savior, Christ.

I am a baptized catholic, my family is catholic. Although, I am not religious. I do not attend church - I stopped. I understand religion. I think a part of me believes in God, Jesus, and all the other saints mentioned in the bible. Although, I do not agree with everything the bible says.

If people are not religious, and believe that because they do not believe in God, or any religion, then they have no reason for seeing Passion of Christ...then they should reconsider because it is also a fantastic story, a great movie that's hard to watch, not because it is graphic, but because it's so hard to witness that human nature, can be very dark.

Wed Mar 3 2004 7:12 PM

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