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No Bush for Sullivan

September 2, 2003 8:19 AM

Even the hawks are turning on Bush. Andrew Sullivan:

So far, I've been manfully trying to give the administration the benefit of the doubt, especially given the media's relentlessly negative coverage of Iraq. But they're beginning to lose me, for the same reasons they're losing Dan Drezner. They don't seem to grasp the absolutely vital necessity of success in Iraq. And I can't believe I'm writing that sentence.

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No Bush for Sullivan (09.02.2003)

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Paul in OC:

Republicans for Dean

Tue Sep 2 2003 9:45 PM

Paul in OC:

Some interesting-sounding books I ran across at the Republicans for Dean website, and at

Beyond Greed, a book about the neo-conservative movement vs. traditional civil conservatism.

Rogue Nation: American Unilateralism and the Failure of Good Intentions, a book about everyone's favorite Empire of the Setting Sun.

Tue Sep 2 2003 9:57 PM


From the discussion of the Rogue Nation book:

"The imperial project of the so-called neoconservatives is not conservatism at all but radicalism, egotism, and adverturism articulated in the stirring rhetoric of traditional patriotism. Real conservatives have never been messianic or doctrinaire. The very essence of conservatism, which the neoconservatives constantly preach, is limited government. Yet the imperial project they are proposing will greatly increase the role of government both at home and abroad. ... This is not conservatism. It is Big Government."

Tue Sep 2 2003 10:01 PM


I agree 100%, under Bush government has expanded without adding to its value or services, just adding to the budget deficient. Much the same way the "Peace Dividend" was squandered by the previous administration. In that way W resembles Daddy Bush more then anyone (including the democrats) has bothered to point out.

Wed Sep 3 2003 5:43 AM

Jim Gilliam:

WSJ brings up exactly this point today, citing a Brookings Institute report due out tomorrow:

While the number of official government employees declined slightly after President Bush took office, the Brookings study to be released Friday finds the number of full-time employees working on government contracts and grants has zoomed by more than one million people since 1999, bringing the overall head count to more than 12.1 million as of this past October.

And Andrew Sullivan weighs in with this gem:

More evidence of the runaway federal government under Bush. The sheer profligacy of this administration continues to astound. If you're a fiscal conservative, Howard Dean is beginning to look attractive.

Thu Sep 4 2003 2:10 PM

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