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The September Surprise

September 9, 2003 7:14 AM

Today's Washington Post talks about Rumsfeld's recent trip to Iraq and Afghanistan, and specifically his avoidance of questions about the search for WMD. When asked about his half hour meeting with David Kay (the guy who is looking for the weapons):

I have so many things to do at the Department of Defense. I made a conscious decision that I didn't need to stay current every 15 minutes on the issue. I literally did not ask...I'm assuming he'll tell me if he'd gotten somtehing we should know.

How can you have a half hour meeting with the guy whose only job is finding weapons and not talk about whether he has found any weapons? This is a dramatic change in rhetoric from the leaks about a major unveiling in mid-September.

Is it possible that the hype they've created about the "September Surprise" is nothing but a ruse to quell the media firestorm about the lack of weapons in Iraq? Keep the wolves at bay by leaking promises, hoping that when the time comes, fewer people will care. Abruptly halt the momentum.

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The September Surprise (09.09.2003)

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Paul in OC:

It's worked pretty well for them so far, you have to admit.

Tue Sep 9 2003 7:36 AM

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