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September 14, 2003 11:46 AM

Joseph Wilson:

During the gulf war in 1991, when I was in charge of the American Embassy in Baghdad, I placed a copy of Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland" on my office coffee table. I thought it conveyed far better than words ever could the weird world that was Iraq at that time, a world in which nothing was what it seemed: The several hundred Western hostages Saddam Hussein took during Desert Shield were not really hostages but "guests." Kuwait was not invaded, but "liberated." more >>

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Through the Looking Glass (09.14.2003)

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Quoting Joe Wilson on foreign affairs is like quoting Grey Davis on state budgeting tactics.

This is the same guy who failed to notice that Iraq was preparing to invade Kuwait while he sat in charge of the US embassy in Iraq. Nothing gets past his keen eye for the obvious. Now we are supposed to take his word on the "investigation" he conducted in Niger. He spent about a week there and never bother to file a report upon his return. Perhaps he was unwilling to expose in writing his James Bond style of investigation?

The one area of all this I find extremely interesting is the silence of the French on this subject. The mining company in Niger is a French controlled international conglomerate. If these charges are as preposterous as claimed I would think the French would be trumpeting the news throughout the glode. Instead they remain strangely silent on the issue. Perhaps British intelligence is a bit more on target then the left would have anyone believe.

Mon Sep 15 2003 7:37 AM

Paul in OC:

Just exactly how was Ambassador Wilson supposed to figure out that Iraq would invade Kuwait? By reading tea leaves? Now you're blaming an intelligence failure on a diplomat. Next, you'll be saying it was Clinton's fault (it always is). The Repugnant Ones' blame game never ends, does it, dhermesc?

What's wrong with assigning blame for that fiasco where it properly resides, with the former President Bush? Doesn't the buck stop with him, or does that only apply to Democrats?

Mon Sep 15 2003 7:37 PM


By the same token how does the a diplomat investigate the attempted purchase of nuclear material from a mining company? His report, if given, would have looked like a junior high student's "How I spent my Vacation" essay.

Tue Sep 16 2003 5:31 AM

Jim Gilliam:

Okay, dhermesc, you kept trashing on Wilson, so I took the time to write a nice long post for you. :)

Oh, and here's his response to the vacation criticism: "It wasn't Hawaii, it wasn't even Waikiki."

It's good though that you're boning up on your Wilson bashing. He'll probably run for Senator of California.

Tue Sep 16 2003 8:35 AM


Who's seat will he run for? As much as I bash on him, I don't see him performing any worse then Kalifornia's current senators.

Thu Sep 18 2003 11:32 AM

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