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Media takes notice of the Counter Convention

October 13, 2003 8:19 AM

The media is starting to notice the counter convention planned for NYC during the 2004 Republican Convention.

Dozens of groups are already involved.

Steve Ault, a veteran organizer:

There's a rather profound and unique opposition to Bush developing, and we see that in the early interest in these actions. We haven't seen anything like this.

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Media takes notice of the Counter Convention (10.13.2003)

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My god, reading through the list of groups opposed to Republicans makes me extremely glad I'm on the other side. To know that I am on the side opposed by the International Communist League, The Socialist Party USA, Anarchist in NY, Committee for Justice in Palestine and the Militant Youth Distribution reaffirms my belief that I am on the RIGHT side. What would make it more conclusive are appearances by the American Nazi Party, the Black Panthers and ELF.

If the Democrats are looking to these groups to provide support in the next national election their only hope to amke a statement is to nominate the biggest race baiter of them all, Al Sharpton. After the loss they close down the DNC and say it was a good 200+ year run. As the Democratic party fades into history they can reminisce about many successes and contributions. After all how many political parties can say they survived being on the lossing side of a civil war?

Mon Oct 13 2003 11:52 AM

Paul in OC:

So are you going, Jim? ;)

I'm seriously tempted.....

Thu Oct 16 2003 1:01 PM


It's a shame we don't know each other, but it will be a thrill to wave to your kind as you leave the White House and Congress in November.

Your President looked the world in the eye and lied. Every dead soldier's blood is on his hands.

The party on the loosing side of the Civil War? Not an argument I'd consider remotely relevant, but if you want to play that game...

Smile the next time you look at that photo of Rummy shaking Saddam's hand. Smile when you read about Bush's summer '01 orders to stand-down the Clinton era Naval strike team hunting for Osama. Smile when your president fails to stop the insurgents, fails to find Osama, fails to tell the truth.

I don't hate you guys, but I look forward to day when we can all agree that Bush is a cancer on America.

Thu Jul 1 2004 10:32 AM

Jim Gilliam
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