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Dean will forego matching funds

November 8, 2003 8:57 AM

CNN is reporting that Dean will forego matching funds. This is not surprising. The live broadcast is in a few minutes. I wonder how definitive the vote was? My hunch is it was a landslide.

UPDATE: Yup, it was a landslide. 85% are in favor of declining matching funds.

CNN is running this headline during the broadcast: "Dean is 1st Democratic Presidential Candidate to Decline Matching Funds."

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Paul in OC:

This must be the first time in history that a major presidential campaign has allowed supporters to vote on a major campaign decision? I know it basically gives Dean cover for making a decision he wanted to make anyway, but this sets the stage for potentially holding future votes on major campaign issues. Also, it highlights the difference between the Dean's people-powered campaign, vs. Bush's special interest-powered campaign.

Of course, Moveon showed how it could be done. Moveon has had a major impact on American politics already, and it's starting to have a snowball effect. I just saw Goldberg (sp?) on CNN promoting his new book about the SCLM, "Arrogance", and the CNN anchors actually attacked his questionable ideas, rather than falling all over themselves to sell his book.

If that keeps up, I can see CNN clobbering Fox over the coming year. Going into the war, it was fashionable to support the military and watch Fox. Coming out of the war, people will want to know the truth, and they'll instinctively know that Fox is protecting the administration and whitewashing what's really happening in Iraq.

I'm very disappointed in the coverage of Dean's decision, because they are highlighting Dean's decision and glossing over the fact that he's only responding to Bush's decision to do the same thing. Somehow, Democrats are held to a higher standard than are Republicans.

Sat Nov 8 2003 11:27 AM

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