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Moby has seen the truth

November 5, 2003 7:20 AM

Here's what Moby had to say about Uncovered:

i went to a screening tonight of a documentary about the lies as told by the bush administration that led us to war with iraq.

it was quite damning. you just wonder what motivates cheney and rumsfeld and rice and powell and bush to lie so egregiously and so often.

i wonder who in congress will have the courage to launch a campaign to impeach bush for flagrantly lying about and distorting the truth in front of congress and the american people.

i'll find out more information about this documentary (it's comprised of interviews with ex-cia officers and diplomats and arms control experts) and let you know more.

america is truly suffering under a regime whose corruption is only matched by their deceitfulness.

and i'm convinced that once the american people are shown the truth about bush & co. that the next election will go to the democratic candidate.


UPDATE: Moby: "order the movie and watch it with your friends, and you'll see why bush needs to be impeached and why cheney and rice and rumsfeld and powell should all be in prison."

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Moby has seen the truth (11.05.2003)

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Larry Platt:

This all sounds pretty scary. If the evidence is so damning and the cause so important, why not distribute this freely to the American public? I think it is incumbent upon you to do so if the fate of our country is at risk at the hands of this administration. To withhold this information for capital gains is unthinkable.

Tue Nov 11 2003 5:44 PM

Jim Gilliam:

This is a nonprofit movie. Moveon and the Center for American Progress are nonprofits, and they funded it. You can buy it from for $14.95, or you can burn a copy from someone else who has it. You can put it on vhs tapes and hand it out to people on the street corner. Setup a public screening on the side of a building. Whatever you can think of. We are doing everything we can to get this out to everyone we possibly can, and we need everyone's help to do that.

Seriously - "pirate" it, and give it to everyone you know. Please.

Wed Nov 12 2003 12:07 AM

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