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The LA Premiere

November 12, 2003 12:42 AM


Tonight was the first public screening of Uncovered. The response was staggering. People were lining up 2 hours before it started. We could only fit 500 people into the theater, and there were people lined up around the block. So we added another screening afterward - and people stayed in line for another 2 and a half hours just to see it. We even had a few protesters!

This was the first time I'd seen it with a large audience. Blew my mind. It was the coolest experience ever. Seriously, this was one of the best nights of my life. My friends and family came out to support me and make me feel like a rock star. Robert got a standing ovation; something I've never seen at a premiere. He really deserved it; he is incredible. We made a really fucking good movie about one of the most important things America has ever had to deal with, and I'm really proud of it.

The energy from the crowd was extraordinary, and everyone was pumped up for the task that lay before us - getting rid of Bush in 12 months. We will win.

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The LA Premiere (11.12.2003)

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Richard Mohale:

This film seems incredible based on the description. When will it be on TV for the American public to finally figure out the truth?!?!

Something of this magnitude will blow the lid off of the establishment ... Tell us all when we can see it.

Wed Nov 12 2003 9:13 AM

Paul in OC:

Personally, I think the best potential to get it on TV is C-SPAN, PBS, or HBO. It would be fantastic if one of the major broadcast networks would show it, though. It's not just showing it that's important. We want a network to promote it. (I'm using "we" very liberally, as I'm not associated with the movie.)

I've seen the documentary, and it is excellent and damning. It doesn't go over the top, nor does it raise passions. But, it makes you wonder where the media was while we were being conned into this unnecessary war.

Wed Nov 12 2003 9:48 AM

Paul in OC:

I think the most compelling part of the documentary is when bona fide experts in intelligence analysis thoroughly debunked Powell's UN presentation. Powell should be truly ashamed of himself.

Wed Nov 12 2003 10:08 AM

Richard Mohale:

Some other truth's revealed ...

Sat Nov 15 2003 10:38 AM

Jim Gilliam:

DOD response to the above Fox News branded Weekly Standard article.

Sat Nov 15 2003 7:24 PM

Jim Gilliam:

As for television broadcast. The bulk of our budget was licensing footage, and since we had very little money, we only purchased DVD rights. If the movie continues to build fantastic word of mouth, I'd imagine some enterprising TV exec would scoop it up for broadcast and deal with acquiring the rights. I think that's more likely to happen as the situation in Iraq gets worse and worse. As the administration continues to change the reasons we went to war, people will find a new interest in how they neoconned us into the war in the first place.

Currently the plan is to host house parties through MoveOn and show the movie. Last I heard, over a thousand people have expressed interest in hosting such a party.

Sat Nov 15 2003 7:33 PM

Jim Gilliam
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