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Would u reinst8 draft? reactions

November 12, 2003 3:29 PM

Robin Sloan: "This cannot -- must not -- be a real text message beamed in by an 18-to-29-year-old."

halfgeek: "Whichever internet user asked the online question 'would u reinst8 the draft?' should come and talk to me about the qualities of not being a lamer who has to use l33t-sp3ak to communicate online. Talk about a pet p33ve of mine, grr!"

John Carrol: "In keeping with the hip nature of the evening, a question for the candidates arrives via wireless phone. 'Would u reinst8 the draft?' it says."

Paul McMorrow: "Not that America's youth particularly distinguished themselves. The audience asked pressing questions such as 'Mac or PC?' 'Which of your fellow candidates would you party with? Who's going to hold your hair back?' and, via text message, 'Wesley Clark - would U reinst8 draft?' Way to rock that vote, America! You certainly showed those candidates that they need to start taking the youth seriously!"

But was clearly the funniest:

In spirit of those hip, cool folks at Rock the Vote and CNN who allowed 'wireless' poseur questions like "Would u reinst8 draft?", we offer our 'leetspeak' translation of selected debate moments.

Student: U racist.
Dean: omg
Sharpton: nigga h8r
Audience: pwned!
Dean: wtf no
Edwards: Dean u h8r
Dean: omg f u
Dean: Kennedys roxx0r
All: ya
Student: u mac or pc
Most Candidates: PC
Audience: k
Kerry: Mac
Audience: rofl
Lieberman: Wireless handheld.
Audience: u rule
Grad Student: What u do about gays w/guns?
Clark: <3
Audience: ahahah fag!!!11!ONE!
Moderator: 62% playas != h8 GWB. Y?
Sharpton: they st00pid.

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Paul in OC:

Yeah, but the Mac vs. PC question was picked by a CNN staffer (as reported on various other blogs). It's disturbing to see young people used as props for the stereotypes which older folks have of them. If you're going to involve young people, don't make a mockery of it, CNN -- let them ask their own questions.

Wed Nov 12 2003 10:00 PM


So the Rock the Vote event was more or less a staged forumn by CNN? What a surprise. I think CNN would have been embarrassed by the lack of interest in the target market.

Thu Nov 13 2003 7:31 AM


What's roxx0r?

Thu Nov 13 2003 9:52 AM

Jim Gilliam:

It's slang for "rocks," as in, "the Kennedys rock!"

Thu Nov 13 2003 11:09 AM

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