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6:30 in Iowa

January 19, 2004 4:36 PM

It's 6:30 in Iowa, and I'm watching the CSPAN coverage of a caucus in Dubuque. I can't wait to see what the different preference groups look like. There has been a lot of speculation on the supporters of each candidate. Does Dean really skew young? Do vets like Kerry? Does Gephardt get the union guys? Do women gravitate to Edwards?

But the real question is which corner will the latte-drinking, body-piercing, volvo-driving Dubuque contingent stand in?

7:00 UPDATE, Des Moines precinct: Old people going for Kerry and Edwards. Not much labor union support.

9:30 UPDATE, entrance polling:

Dean didn't get the youth vote: Kerry - 35%, Dean - 25%, Edwards - 20%

Gephardt didn't get the union vote: Kerry - 29%, Gephardt - 22%, Edwards - 22%, Dean - 19%

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6:30 in Iowa (01.19.2004)

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