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7:00 in Iowa

January 19, 2004 5:01 PM

My stomach's in my throat. Why am I this nervous? Geez. There are way too many Kerry supporters in Adair.

CNN is talking about Kerry's lead in the entrance polling.

Hardball: Des Moines precinct reporting crazy high turnout.

MSNBC entrance polling: Of the 27% voting primarily on ability to beat Bush, Kerry gets 30%, Dean 24%, and Edwards 23%.

Wow, in the Adair caucus, the Dean people are sitting outside on the patio getting a tongue lashing from a Kerry supporter.

Hardball, Des Moines precinct: 77 for Kerry, 66 for Edwards, 38 for Dean, 24 to repick

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7:00 in Iowa (01.19.2004)

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