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8:00 in Iowa

January 19, 2004 5:58 PM

CNN: 51% reporting, Kerry - 37, Edwards - 33, Dean - 18, Gephardt - 11

Dean on CNN right now conceding to Kerry & Edwards. On to NH.

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8:00 in Iowa (01.19.2004)

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So, is Gephardt toast? If so, I think that bodes well for Dean. Also, a resurgent Kerry is a nightmare for Clark, heading into New Hampshire. Maybe, this isn't such a bad thing? It would have been much better, though, if Edwards would just disappear, so Dean could come in second. Coming in third is no fun at all.

Looks like we have to endure the circular firing squad for a little while longer.

Mon Jan 19 2004 6:21 PM

Jim Gilliam:

Yeah, Gephardt's done. I don't see how this can be spun favorably for Dean. This sucks.

The silver lining is that at least Dean won't be getting attacked as much, and has good operations nationally. But he's gonna take a massive hit in fundraising as everyone jumps to give Kerry & Edwards money. This just isn't good, but it's far, far from over.

I agree that this is really bad news for Clark. He should NOT have skipped Iowa. Right now it looks like a huge mistake.

Mon Jan 19 2004 6:32 PM



The Dean campaign failed to educate the voters about Dean's record and what he stands for. Having supporters write letters is all well and good, but I don't want to hear about any more ad spots which feature Dean's opposition to the war. Not unless there is a serious change on the Iraq front. Everybody knows that Dean opposed the war.

What they don't know is that Dean governed as a moderate, balancing the interests of his constituents. That he balanced the budget and left the state with a rainy day fund, so that it would be OK in the next recession. That he didn't drive business away, but he also didn't let it get away with polluting the rivers and air.

I thought Iowa was Gephardt country, but it turns out it's not Gephardt country, nor is it Dean country. It's lazy, just like the rest of America. Most people don't google "Dean", in order to research his background, or read their newspapers in detail. If we don't place it on a silver platter for them, they'll never know the truth about Dean. That even though he supported NAFTA, he intends to reform it. That he understands healthcare and education issues in ways that only a former Governor can.

The Dean campaign better get cracking on their marketing, because what they're doing at this point is not cutting the mustard. (I'm not angry, just emphatic.)

Mon Jan 19 2004 6:40 PM


I thought Iowa was Gephardt country, but it turns out it's not Gephardt country, nor is it Dean country. It's lazy, just like the rest of America.

I believe it was Wilke:

Woman to Wilke: You are the canidate of all thinking persons!

Wilke: Madam that isn't good enough, we need a majority!

Tue Jan 20 2004 11:52 AM

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